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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Camila Lincowski

An Interview With Camila Lincowski | Realtor, CEO & Founder | Star of Celebrity Big Brother

Hi Cami! Tell us your Real Estate story!

Coming out of reality tv, I didn’t know what was next for me. My husband, who was my bf at the time, was/is one of the top lenders & suggested I try real estate. It was a win-win, right? Not knowing a damn thing or even my way around Las Vegas since I had literally just moved, I threw myself into it & was determined to make the most of it.

Who has been your role model or your biggest influence within the Real Estate Industry? Can you tell us why?

This is gonna make me sound like an asshole, but honestly, I was my own influence. I don’t watch any real estate shows, nor do I follow the “top agents”. It’s weird, right? I’m in competition with myself & my bank account, lol.

Do you believe there are any advantages to being a women in the real estate industry?

There are advantages/disadvantages with every job. When I started out it was like I had a sign on my forehead “Newbie, all scam artists welcome!" I couldn’t tell you how many creep “investors” contacted me. Because I was so naive & determined to make something outta myself too quick, I dealt with one too many.

What has been the biggest challenge for you within your career and how have you overcome it?

The oversaturated Las Vegas market of real estate agents. Everyone and their mother does real estate now. Which is great, I guess? But when you have to do your job & the other agents job, it can get frustrating & often times tedious. I’ve had my share of write & delete e-mails.

Your loyal clients range from professional athletes to performers - how did you begin to build your clientele and what advice would you have for others trying to build theirs?

I hate taking “NO” for an answer. It fuels me, honestly. I’ll contact anyone & their extended family if I have to. What’s the worst thing that someone can say, “No”?

With a beautiful family and a thriving real estate career in Las Vegas, how do you find such a great balance between work-life and family-life?

We have a nanny but I make sure to spend weekends and Tuesdays solely to our daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll write emails & answer calls. But I don’t do showings or dedicate time to prospecting. Boundaries are much needed in this industry.

What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

Staying on it. Someone who you spoke to today, might not be ready to purchase; but may be in a different position more down the line.

How do you withstand the highs and lows of the business and stay motivated within one of the toughest sales industries in the world?

Wine, duh. I TRY not to think how volatile the market can be & although sometimes it’s rough, I try to look at the bright side of things. I’m healthy, my family is healthy, we have a roof over our head & tomorrow is a new day.


What would you say is your #1 tip for others to start thriving as a Real Estate Agent?

Just because you close a big deal & get a nice commission check, doesn’t mean that’s going to last forever. Don’t limit yourself. We’re in the business to find people their forever homes, the check is just a bonus.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Someone once told me, no matter how long you’ve been in the game; you learn something new with every transaction. It’s 100% true.

You have become an influential woman within the real estate business, what advice would you give to empower other women within their own real estate careers?

Everyone started somewhere. That agent telling you they’ve been doing this for 20 yrs, they had a Day One, too.

If you had to describe your life as a Realtor in Las Vegas in just one word or one sentence, what would it be!?

A gamble.

So good! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your words of empowerment with us Cami!


Hear Camila's #1 tip on How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent

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