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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Erica Smith

An Interview With Erica Smith, Broker & Founder of Stomp Realty Inc.

Hi Erica! Tell us your story! Why did you decide to become a Realtor in the first place? What made you want to get into the real estate industry?

I always had an interest in homes. I found myself over the years looking at homes and going through open houses. That was my first hint. I never thought I would end up owning a brokerage and taking my career to that level.

As the Co-Founder of Stomp Realty Inc., how do choose which Realtors you bring on board?

We are firm believers in quality over quantity. We could have a large number of Realtors under our umbrella, however we like to keep the group small, but strong.

Do you believe there are any advantages to being a women in the real estate industry?

Most definitely! Women have the ability to help buyers and sellers with the emotional component of selling real estate. They can have a softer approach when it comes to a transaction. Selling your home or buying a new home can be challenging so we have found the emotional support is a big advantage for us in selling real estate.

What has been the biggest challenge for you within your career and how have you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been “keeping it real” in an industry where everything is exaggerated on social media. We are firm believers in advertising what is real in terms of numbers, transactions and product. Unfortunately social media has made it easy to post anything to get interest from a prospect or a property.

How do you keep emotions in check and overcome the highs and lows that are inevitable within this business?

Lorena, my partner and I have been in the business for over 15 years. We are lucky to have each other to support one another during the lows and the highs. We are very fortunate that our dynamic works seamlessly.

As a woman in this industry, what heightened skills do you believe you have to offer your clients?

I think we as women have incredibly strong intuitions. Following my gut has brought me to levels that I had only dreamed of. We have to learn to listen to ourselves more.

You literally do it all - Broker, Owner, Wife & Mother! How do you find such a great balance between work-life and family-life?

I think I have a wonderful balance. I’m a better wife and mother because I work and I’m better at my job because I’m a wife and mother. Everyday when I wake up, my goal is to set an strong example for my children. I want them to believe they can do it all!

What would you say is your #1 tip for others to start thriving as a Real Estate Agent?

Be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years to build a solid foundation of clients.

What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

Being surrounded by individuals that have the same drive and motivation as myself. You are simply the company you keep.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

When a deal doesn’t go the way you want at the beginning of your career, you feel it’s the end of the world. I can promise you it is not! It’s a lesson learned! Don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes will make you better in the long run.

You’ve been featured in numerous magazine’s & media outlets and have become such an influential woman in the real estate industry! What advice would you give to empower other women within their real estate careers?

You can do it all! Women as mentioned before have the intuition to carry them very far in business. Mix that with drive and motivation- you will have a successful career. Wake up early, focus on your goals and believe in yourself. Don’t give up. Many times, I have wanted to give up but I pushed myself to be better and to think better.

Touché! Thank you so much for sharing your story and words of wisdom with us Erica!


Hear Erica's thoughts on How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent!

I loved this book because it was “keeping it real.”

It was a simply guide that helps new Realtors get started in a very organic and natural way. The best way to build a career is by listening to real life stories, and this book provided that in many ways. If you haven’t read this book yet, I suggest you put it on your list. Don’t wait. Reading this book is the first step in your real estate career!

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