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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Nicole Li

An Interview With Nicole Li of HomeLife Landmark Realty

Hi Nicole! Tell us your Real Estate story!

Why did you decide to become a Realtor?

I've always had a passion for interior design and becoming a female entrepreneur. I love the idea of building something and seeing it grow, and one day I thought to myself, why not get into real estate? I know it will be a challenge going into this industry and I received a lot of doubts from friends and family but I like to prove people wrong! My goal is to have a modern approach and incorporate my creativity and artistic side into real estate. While I enjoy the design aspects I also have the drive to close some deals! Nothing means more to me than seeing the smiles on my clients' faces once they secured their dream home, and this is why I do what I do. Do you believe there are any advantages to being a women in the real estate industry?

Yes, of course. While society perceives women as emotional beings, it's true, we're emotional, but we're highly emotionally intelligent and this is one of the traits that is needed to become a successful realtor. We know how to take care of our clients by bringing out our nurturing side, while also delivering quality results. What has been the biggest challenge for you within your career and how have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is persevering while struggling to continue. In this industry, there's a lot of competition and can be pretty cut-throat especially for a new realtor. You just have to learn to ride the waves within the first few years. As a new realtor, the biggest challenge is obtaining leads, and sometimes you feel lost in the process. I've been there, but it's vital to have a few mentors who will be there to listen and provide sound advice at times when you need them most. As a woman in this industry, what heightened skills do you believe you have to offer your clients?

Always think positive despite whatever crappy day you're having. I.e if your offer gets rejected plenty of times, always keep going and never lose hope. During a few failed trials, you will establish a stronger bond with your clients believe it or not. My mantra is to always think positively, the pain is only temporary, but success is long-term. What would you say is your #1 tip for others to start thriving as a Real Estate Agent?

Consistency and having a positive attitude because this is the energy you're radiating to your clients! Whatever day you're having, always stay consistent and be unstoppable. Here are some mantras I recite to myself daily: think positive, be myself, and let go of things you can't control. What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

Take care of your business and the business will take care of you. Always treat your clients as more than a transaction alone, be genuine and look after their best interests. Stay in touch with them once in a while and develop a good bond which will result in strong referrals. What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

Always believe in yourself and you're halfway there. Even at times when you're struggling to have a strong mindset, just keep going every day, reach out to other realtors to build rapport, be assertive, and know your time is valuable meaning to qualify your prospects! What advice would you give to empower other women within their real estate careers or/ to women who are thinking about starting a career in real estate?

If you're a woman who's just starting out in real estate and doesn't know where to start, I strongly recommend just taking action even if you don't know what you're doing half the time. Take massive action and fail along the way, and these failures will become your hard-learned lessons. Don't be afraid of failures, they will just make you stronger. How would you describe life as a Realtor in one sentence? Tough, but you will come out of this as a brighter and more confident version of yourself. If you can make it in this industry, then you're a real trooper.

So lovely! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us Nicole!


Hear Nicole's thoughts on the book How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent!

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