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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Allison Chiaramonte

An Interview With Allison Chiaramonte of Compass New York

Hi Allison! Tell us, what has been the biggest challenge for you within your real estate career and how have you overcome it?

Having no ego. I am still working on it - but starting a new career and this job in particular requires a lot of facing rejection and failure. You have to keep pushing, putting yourself out there etc and it can feel really hard to do that after a set back. I am still working on this one so am open to advice.

Do you believe there are any advantages to being a women in the real estate industry?

Hahha - yes and no. I think its cliche-d but sometimes have a gentler touch and being a good listener does make all the difference. And while I don't think its female specific, I do think my sense of aesthetics and eye have played a role in my success.

As a woman in this industry, what heightened skills do you believe you have to offer your clients?

After dealing with 3 little kids, I am both incredibly efficient but incredibly patient.I also understand the importance of exploration and building consensus - and while I am not sure those are "female" skills per se - they are definitely parent skills!

With 3 beautiful kiddos, how do you find such a great balance between Realtor life and Mom life?

Honestly, I am still looking for balance. I feel like more so than balance its rolling with the ups and downs. Sometimes my focus feels more on work and not enough on my kids and then it organically pivots. In any given moment, I don't think its balanced, but I sort of feel if I zoom out - thats the balance in the average!

What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

So many things - but one thing that I used to downplay but I think is key to my success if my prior, pre-residential real estate professional experiences - specifically the two years I spent out of college in commercial real estate and my prior life as designer fashion buyer as well as getting my MBA. It's completely non-linear and while none of those experiences could replace my earlier real estate training on a big team or working with other seasoned brokers, I think I do c think about my business and how to service my clients a little differently due to those pre-real estate experiences. I think that there are so many parts of being a broker that whatever you did before can provide insight and be a differentiator.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

Just keep going. I used to think every detail, every deal, every client was the last one I would ever have. Now I realize how wrong that is and also how damaging it was to my confidence and productivity in those early days as an agent.

Great advice! Thank you for keeping it real with us and sharing your story!


Hear Allison's thoughts on How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent

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