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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Alyssa Brody

An Interview With Alyssa Brody | Real Estate Broker & Marketing Expert | Co-Founder | Development Marketing Team | Lawyer | Boss Mom

Hi Alyssa! Tell us your story! What made you want to get into the Real Estate industry?

I immediately fell in love with the industry in college when my stepfather purchased a real estate franchise. I spent my free time learning about the entire real estate transaction process and gained firsthand experience in the buying, selling, and leasing of residential properties. This newfound passion led me to specialize in real estate during law school. Not only was I studying real estate, but I also began selling real estate on the side. It was a combination of my education and professional experience that allowed me to join a notable NYC brokerage right after graduating, where I led a successful team. After years at this brokerage, I co-founded DMT.

You are the co-founder of DMT (Development Marketing Team) - What inspired you to start your own team and what is your philosophy all about?

Throughout the years, I learned a great deal about all aspects of the real estate business, but I started to notice the inefficiencies in the typical sales and marketing models – they’re often siloed when they should be working together. I had always been an early adopter of technology, using social media and digital marketing to stay ahead of the curve as a broker. I realized brokerages weren’t taking advantage of that technology. There was this incredible opportunity that existed to leverage new tools even further.

That idea naturally evolved into DMT, which I founded with my partner Erica Sachse two years ago. At DMT, we marry the art of brokering with the science of digital marketing. We handle the entire process in-house, from branding/creative to interior design/staging to sales/leasing, which ultimately alleviates the fragmented sales and marketing process that dilutes the buyer experience.

What has been the biggest challenge for you within your career and how have you overcome it?

When I started my career in real estate, I knew it wouldn't be easy to achieve success. I worked long hours, nights, and weekends to establish my reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor and broker. Through all of the obstacles, I never lost sight of my vision to start a brokerage that could revolutionize the way that real estate is marketed and sold.

What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

I believe success can only be defined by each individual. For me, it's all about my mindset, because at the end of the day, the energy you put in is what comes back to you. I’ve remained positive throughout my career, and that positivity has turned into success.

Who has been your greatest role model or the greatest influence on you within the Real Estate Industry?

First and foremost, my mom. She made so many sacrifices in raising and educating me that contributed to my success today. I wouldn’t be here without her.

Thereafter, my business partner Erica Sachse – the brilliant mind behind the marketing analytics at DMT. I’m lucky to have such an amazing sidekick.

And finally, mentors, law professors, and previous bosses were all great role models. One of them gave me the best advice I received as a rookie: find 1-5 people to provide me with 80% of my business. I did that, and during the first years of my career these individuals trusted me to not only sell their own properties but also provided me with referrals. It was because of them that I quickly became a listing agent, providing me with credibility, marketability and a strong pipeline of referrals.

Do you believe there are any advantages to being a woman in the real estate industry?

I certainly do. As you know, real estate is a male-dominated industry, which can make it very difficult for women to move up in the industry, but there are so many successful women in real estate for a reason. Women bring a new perspective to the table, we manage our time well, and we have more emotional connectedness, which helps with the high-impact purchases. Overall, I think women bring a more well-rounded approach to real estate.

How do you keep emotions in check and overcome the highs and lows that are inevitable within this business?

I follow a strict workout regimen, and I also meditate daily. That helps to release some stress and clear my mind so I can focus on the work that needs to be done and be present. Between being an entrepreneur and mom, it can sometimes feel impossible to find time for yourself, so it’s become an important part of my routine to take a few moments before the day starts to prioritize my well-being. I also try to keep my body active and have found a new joy in tennis. This has not only been physically rewarding, but has helped me in practicing discipline. I apply what I learn on the tennis court to my career.

You literally do it all - Mother, Realtor, Lawyer & Entrepreneur! How do you aim to find balance between work-life and personal-life?

Finding balance is hard! My family and raising my two daughters will always be my top priority. However, when I’m in the office, I am laser focused on being the best broker and business owner I can be, but when I’m home I make sure to put my phone away and spend quality time with my girls. As I just mentioned, I also dedicate time to myself every day. That allows me to show up and be the best professional and mother that I can be.

What advice would you have for others when it comes to marketing themselves and building their brand?

It’s all about building a brand that speaks directly to your target audience. In order to do that effectively, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. Be creative, innovative, and passionate about what you’re doing. Stay ahead of the curve – try experimenting with new technology or implementing a new marketing strategy.

You have a fantastic social media presence, what advice would you have for others when it comes to marketing themselves online?

Be real! I like to make sure I’m showing realistic excerpts of my life on social media, from spending time with my family, to the homes I’m selling, or even a typical trip to New York. Showing the real you on social media makes your audience feel like they actually know you, and that will eventually lead to a larger following.

Do you have a particular real estate story that will always stand out for you?

I can tell you my most embarrassing real estate moment! In 2015, when I was very pregnant with my first daughter, I was representing a new development in Williamsburg on North 9th Street and also representing a resale two blocks over. One had an incredible roof deck, and the other not so much. It was unfinished and had nothing but mechanicals. I think you get where this is going…

My pregnancy brain inverted the two, so during the showing for North 9th, I was not only selling them on this non-existent roof deck, I was also giving them all the details for the other unit – pricing, common charges, amenities. I lost all credibility with the buyer and was so embarrassed, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Now, before every showing, I review the listing details prior to the buyers walking in.

What has been your best avenue for generating leads and building your clientele?

DMT’s digital marketing efforts have actually been an amazing avenue for building my clientele in recent years. We are bringing in many more leads than would normally come through traditional listing sites. When I meet with the new leads, I get to know them and make sure to maintain the relationship beyond that interaction. I stay in contact with many of these people, and they send referrals my way all the time.

What would you say is your #1 tip for others to start thriving in their careers?

Stay positive and never give up. “No” is simply a redirection to a new opportunity. Do not let the word “no” constitute failure.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

Hustle every day, focus, and never give up. You will make your own seat at the table.

What advice would you give to empower other women within their real estate careers?

If accomplishing something is very important to you, you’ll do it no matter what. Even if the odds are against you, you will give it your all. The only thing on your mind should be accomplishing that goal. Do something every day that gets you closer to achieving your dream.

One liner - “The secret to success is….”


Incredible advice! To say your journey into the real estate business has been inspiring would be an understatement! Thank you so much for sharing your story and wisdom with us Alyssa!


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