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Women Who Thrive In Real Estate | Elena Cardone

An Interview With Elena Cardone | Realtor/Investor + Mentor, Author/Speaker & Founder of 10x Ladies.

Hi Elena! Tell us your story, what made you want to get into the real estate industry? What made you decide to become a Realtor?

I became a realtor because I overheard my husband, Grant Cardone and EXP Realty Founder, Glenn Sandford excitedly talking about a having Grant’s training on the Exp platform. Glenn wasn’t sure how the deal would work since Grant wasn’t a realtor, nor with Exp.

I raised my hand and asked, “What if I get the real estate license to become a realtor. Will that help you both?”

Glenn immediately loved the idea.

I thought then that I was getting the real estate license to help facilitate this deal by being a good, supportive wife, “taking one for the team.” The next day I started the real estate course and (in a true 10X manner) twenty-eight days later I was a licensed realtor! While studying on the Real Estate Course, I learned about the Exp model. It was this moment that I became determined to actually become an active Realtor. This model allows the realtor to not only receive commission for sales but also the opportunity to have Equity Ownership in the Brokerage (willable) as well as a leverage bonus for attracting producing realtors from anywhere in the 23 Countries into your network (also willable).

I have always been behind the scenes supporting my husband and our businesses which bring financial literacy ultimately leading to financial freedom for those who apply themselves. I saw with this model that realtors truly have the opportunity to create wealth through real estate. The model rewards realtors for their participation and they can make as much or as little as they put into this business model. For me, this is when the light bulb went off. This platform allows me to offer others what I do behind the scenes being the “woman behind the man” to others who are willing to build their empires with real estate.

My strengths are mindset, infrastructure, support and network. If I can bring this to the table, I believed I can create the largest, most successful real estate team within the the fastest growing real estate company in the world. If I can achieve this goal, I will have succeeded as being not only the “woman behind the man” but I would also be the “woman behind the thousands.” The thought of me helping others achieve financial freedom became my spiritual legacy play and the soul reason I am in this business.

Who has been your role model or your biggest influence within the Real Estate Industry?

My biggest influence in the real estate industry is my husband, Grant Cardone. It was Grant who taught me everything that I know about real estate.We founded Cardone Capital and now own over 12 thousand apartment units. Watching Grant on these deals has been incredible to witness. I call him Sensai because I am continually in admiration of the way he is able to pick a deal and see it through the negation process. Having these cash flowing assets are why Grant and I have the financial freedom that we have today.

Do you believe there are any advantages to being a women in the real estate industry? As a realtor, perhaps. This is of course is a generality but women tend to be more compassionate when it comes to dealing with consumers especially other female consumers. Some could argue that woman know more about interior design and staging homes for sale. They tend to be more patient whereas men might be a bit more cut to the chase when it comes to closing and the the overall experience might not be as great as with working with a woman. What has been the biggest challenge for you within your career and how have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is continuing to help Cardone Enterprises and our own multi-billion dollar empire to side step over to Exp, start at ground zero as a brand new realtor and now trying to build the largest most successful real estate team in the world. I have challenges from one side which is maintaining all my previous responsibilities to now starting something new and handling a whole new world of challenges while also being a wife and mother. Its a lot of pressure. I stand to be humiliated if I fail etc.

I overcome this by keeping my purpose the main thing. I want to help others achieve financial freedom. When I focus on this and not my own insure thoughts, I have the courage to continue. I view the people who want me to fail as the ones who don’t want others to have financial security. I refuse to allow these “hater-types” when this battle. People who are ethical and work hard deserve to be rewarded .I also believe that the only way I can ever fail is if I quit. I can admit to a defeat or two alone my road but I will never quit therefore, I will NEVER be failure. What has contributed to your success in this business so far?

I offer mindset, infrastructure, support and network. The fact that I have 550 people in my organization within the first 9 months is due to that fact that I am extremely passionate about this mission. I am committed to this group and I show up and deliver. The people who joined me are the same like-minded, driven individuals who hold themselves accountable and also want to make a difference for the better on this planet. I have been able to bring in some powerful, influential people and together we are creating a community of realtors are are truly looking to help each other reach a heightened level of success .It’s this powerful global community coupled with Cardone training that will allow us hit our goals.

You are a businesswoman & empire builder who literally does it all! Among many other things, you are a Mother + Wife, Investor +Realtor + Mentor, Author & Public Speaker, how do you manage to find such a great balance between work-life and family-life? I understand that I am not a balancing act. I do, however, consider myself a master juggler. I stop trying to have a “work-life-balance” This puts an idea in my head that my life is supposed to look a certain way when I know it never will. I always get in trouble when I compare myself to what I think my life “should” look like. I understand that I don’t lead a “normal” life. Honestly, I am not looking for normal. I am not looking for balance. I am looking to make a difference with my little lifetime here. Anyone, who has the audacity to even think this big knows what challenges life will throw at you to get you to stay small. They also understand that “comfort of balance” is a mere sacrifice to pay for turning your dreams into reality. To make real change, takes real energy, strength and power. I am looking for greatness and as the old saying goes “pressure makes diamonds.” I just do my life. My life has a lot of motion, a lot of moving parts. It can be very overwhelming at times. I deal with this by just deciding which ball needs to be caught in that moment (like a juggler). Some aspects might have to have a pause until it is their turn to be dealt with. I also get help as much as I can to help with all the parts I don’t actually have to do myself. And I do celebrate my wins along my way so life continues to be fun along the way. How do you withstand the highs and lows of the business and stay motivated within one of the toughest sales industries in the world? I ignore the loses and make firm the wins. I only use loses to help improve the future. I always celebrate the wins. You focus on wins, you will see more wins. I also fill up my pipeline. When I have so much going on, it is easier to recover from a blow when so many other options are in the pipeline that need my attention. Of course, I always take care of my health. I train for almost 2 hours a day, I don’t eat meat and I am gluten-free, take vitamins, drink water, avoid tons of sugar, don’t drink alcohol, and get proper rest. I set myself up for winning when I take care of my physical body.

What would you say is your #1 tip for others to start thriving as a Real Estate Agent?

Get around people who will help you grow in this industry. Go be a part of a community, a team. No one builds an empire alone. Join up with people who can help fast track your way to success.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself on day one as a licensed Realtor?

Nothing you learned on your real estate course is what you need or use in the real world. Now, the real training must begin. Go find the most successful people in the industry and study what they are doing. Start really educating yourself in the space so you become an expert in your field. If you had to describe your life as a Realtor in just one word or one sentence, what would it be!?

Empire Builder Can you tell us about 10x Ladies and why everyone is raving about it? 10X Ladies is a global group of women who come together to empower each other to live in abundance on all aspects of life but focus on these five pillars: mindset, relationships, business, finance, and lifestyle-health and wellness. The concept is that you can’t be 10X in one area while the other is failing. We are women who choose to take responsibility for not only making ourselves better, but also our families, community and even the world. Woman globally are raving about the 10X Ladies event because it is more than just a conference. These women no mater what race or religion have formed a movement to help each other own their power for a higher purpose…to create a better world for themselves and others.

What do you envision the future of real estate looking like?

The future of real estate is the foundation for building an empire. The future of real estate is owning income producing assets that PAY you. The people that invest (especially in scale) in real estate will never regret this. The rents in multi-family continue to rise throughout the decades. Even if property appears to be overpriced today, America in comparison to the rest of the world, is on sale and we are buying as much of it as we can get our hands on! If you are interested in seeing what we are doing and perhaps want to become an investor alongside us, check out

You have become one of the most influential women within the real estate world, what advice would you give to empower other women within their own real estate careers?

Join our team here at Exp and let this model work for you the way it is working for my team and myself. and put me as your sponsor and let’s get you building the Empire you always envisioned for yourself!

Wonderful advice! Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom with us Elena!


Hear some thoughts on the book

How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent!

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